Argentinian tops HR event at KSOP Fortaleza

Argentinian wins first high roller event at Fortal...

KSOP Fortaleza made a splash with its High Roller Light event, with a buy-in of R$5,000. The event attracted many professional players, with various nationalities represented at the final table. Among the nine finalists, there are five locals, three Argentinians and one Norwegian. Among them is José Guichi Grill, who traveled to Brazil last weekend after winning the IPT Black Edition at City Foz do Fozzu.

This competition has 85 participants and the prize pool is very interesting, with the final winner receiving nearly R$ 100,000. The competition was very tight, with day two taking longer than expected and the average chip size of players entering the final table being quite low relative to the blinds. This resulted in many preflop all-ins and consecutive changes in the chip lead. Leadership is mainly shared between Assad Kamram and Victor de Macedo. In the end, Victor stayed in the lead and won the championship.

KSOP Fortaleza High Roller Champion.

The final table featured three Argentines: Pablo Sartori, the aforementioned Guochi Grill and Andres Quiñones. Pablo was eliminated first and finished in 9th place with a bonus of R$12,500. Guochi was subsequently eliminated in seventh place, which earned him R$19,500, while Quinones, who finished sixth, received R$25,000. The best Argentinian in the tournament. Still competing, Kamram, an Oweji native living in Argentina, finished fourth for 40,500 reais. Head-to-head, Fernando Araujo and Victor de Macedo finally reached an agreement to share the prize money.

Argentinian wins first high roller event at Fortal...

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  • This text provides a detailed account of the KSOP Fortaleza High Roller Light event, highlighting the international presence at the final table and the intense competition throughout the tournament. It also showcases the skill and success of players from various countries, ultimately culminating in Victor de Macedo winning the championship.

  • This text describes the KSOP Fortaleza High Roller Light event with a buy-in of R$5,000, attracting many professional players from different nationalities. The final table featured players from Brazil, Argentina, and Norway, with Victor de Macedo ultimately winning the championship and sharing the prize money with Fernando Araujo.

  • I think the text provides a detailed and exciting overview of the KSOP Fortaleza High Roller Light event, highlighting the diversity of players and intense competition. It is interesting to see how players from different nationalities competed for a substantial prize pool, with the final winner Victor de Macedo emerging as the champion after a tight competition.

  • I think the text provides a detailed and interesting overview of the KSOP Fortaleza High Roller event, showcasing the diverse range of players and competitive nature of the tournament. The final table results and prize distribution demonstrate the skill and strategy involved in high-stakes poker competition.

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