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From table to screen: the charm of classics in the digital age

From table to screen: the charm of classics in the...

In a world where technology permeates every corner of our lives, it’s no surprise that even classic games have found a new home in the digital age. Poker, roulette, and many other things that were once only found in casinos can now be played with just a few clicks from your couch at home.

It’s a fascinating change: from social gatherings around a table, to one-on-one matches with players from around the world, all on your computer or mobile device screen.

Tradition and Technology: The Timeless Appeal of Poker and Roulette

Digital versions of poker and roulette continue to fascinate fans, and for good reason: they manage to combine the game’s tradition with technology in an almost magical way Innovation combined. On the one hand, they maintain the rules and spirit that we enjoy; on the other hand, they enrich the experience with impressive graphics and interaction options.

Being able to play games anytime, anywhere without losing the charm of the original game is something that only the digital age can offer us. Poker and roulette’s transition to the digital world has allowed these classics to not only survive, but thrive in the modern era.

With innovations in virtual reality and augmented reality, developers hope to further embody real-life casino experiences by giving players the feeling of sitting at a poker table or standing in front of a roulette wheel, all while No need to leave home. This blend of old and new ensures that the charm of these games of chance will continue to capture the imagination of generations to come.

Adapting casino games to the online experience

When bringing casino games into the online world, we pay special attention to retaining their exceptional essence. For example, online poker is designed to mimic the excitement and strategy of live gaming, only now you can play against opponents from different parts of the world. Digital Roulette, on the other hand, retains the thrill of the moment when the ball decides your fate, but animations and sounds further enhance the experience.

The developers are working hard to ensure that these adjustments are true to the core of the game and stay true to the original game while innovating in terms of presentation and accessibility.

The evolution from social evenings to individual family games.

One of the most obvious changes from traditional to virtual casinos is the shift from social evenings to gaming sessions in the privacy of your home. Visiting a casino used to be an event: you dressed up, met friends and socialized with other players.

Online platforms now offer the convenience of enjoying the same games and online tournaments in virtual companies and through live chat rooms. This change not only changes the way we play, but also changes the way we interact with games and other players.

Online Poker vs. Other Casino Games: A Battle of Strategy

Online poker requires a combination of skill, strategy, and good luck, just like the land-based game. However, playing against unseen opponents via a screen adds a new dimension to the game: the challenge of identifying other players without the usual visual cues.

In contrast, options like roulette are fundamentally different in strategy. In poker, the decisions of the players influence the outcome, while in roulette, each spin is usually a matter of chance. This doesn’t take away from the excitement of the game; it just emphasizes different elements of skill and luck.

The popularity of virtual games Online casino games are becoming increasingly popular because they bring the excitement and atmosphere of a real casino directly to your home. You no longer need to travel to access your favorite games. Now, if you want, you can even play poker, roulette, and more in your pajamas.

The online entertainment platform is committed to creating a safe and secure environment by integrating security measures and encryption systems that you can pay attention to and enjoy the game without any worries.

From table to screen: Profile of the modern player

Do you think your poker skills don’t translate to the digital world? Think again. Patience, decision-making under pressure and bankroll management are all the same online as they are at a real poker table.

Playing the game may be easier from the comfort of your own home, but discipline and control are still important for success. Whether at a casino or online, knowing when to bet and when to fold can be the difference between a casual gambler and a player who takes the game seriously.

At the same time, online games emerged. The proliferation of casinos has not only changed the way we gamble, but also the image of the modern gambler. Today, players of all ages, professions and experience levels can play a game of poker or play a round of virtual roulette.

Ease of access, coupled with the lack of restrictions such as schedules and dress codes, makes online entertainment an attractive option for many people. In addition, the constant updates and developments of games on platforms like Casino Kings keep an increasingly diverse market fresh and interesting.

From Casual Games to Tournament Games: Growing in the World of Online Poker

Those who love poker beyond casual games will find a place to grow and compete in online casinos. Easily transitioning from fun games to participating in online tournaments allows players to improve their skills and take on greater challenges.

Tournaments provide an ideal platform for players to measure their skills, learn from their competitors and adapt their own skill-based playing style. It’s been a fascinating journey, starting with simple family games and eventually becoming a recognized player in cyberspace.

From table to screen: the charm of classics in the...

Éder Campana doesn’t go heads-up in GGMasters High Roller

Éder Campana doesn’t go heads-up in GGMasters High...

Pro Éder Campana made it to the finals of several high roller events on Sunday, winning the GGMasters HR for $1,050 in just one elimination. The St. Paul native finished second overall and earned $81,317.

Eder confirmed his presence away from the front-runners in the FT and began to respond with a win over Dante Goya. Holding A♠Q♣, he risked 12 BBS and called a 4-bet from Ceará, who had 9♠9♥. A♦J♥A♥10♠5♠The board eliminated Éder and he got some breathing room.

Dante, meanwhile, has only 2 BBS left. In another preflop all-in, he held A♠6♠ against A♦J♠ from “Hiram Bingham”. The 9♣QCheck8♥7♣3♣ board didn’t save Dante, who dropped to sixth place with $28,091.

The next player eliminated is Dalton Hobold. The owner of 29 BBS, the driver of the “Morgata” account, decided to defend the big hand and made a 3-bet all-in. Back in the action, “Symon Petliura” announced the call and submitted A♥10♠. The man from Santa Catarina lost the match on a 3♣10♦3♥5♠A board with Q♣J♣. The Santa Catarina native finished fifth for $36,642.

“Symon Petliura was also Éder’s opponent. On the final hand of the match, he went all-in and saw the player from São Paulo call with K♠J. The Ukrainian won with A♠6 Lead, survived the 3 ♣Q ♣10 ♣ 7 ♣ 2 board to become the champion.

GGPoker saw a total of 758 players participate, surpassing GGMasters HR’s $750,000 guarantee.

Éder Campana doesn’t go heads-up in GGMasters High...

Claudio Fernández wins 1-day HR title at KSOP GGPoker South America

Claudio Fernández wins 1-day HR title at KSOP GGPo...

KSOP GGPoker South America has players from all over the world, which is reflected in the distribution of titles between countries. On Day 8, after Portugal’s Pedro Neves was eliminated in the Omaholic HR, Argentina’s Claudio Fernández became the winner of Event 52: R$6,000 NL Hold’em One Day HR. He stranded 166 players and added R$190,000 to his balance.

Fernandez joined Colombian Leonardo Tarazona and Mexican José Dominguez on the podium, who won R$135,000 and R$94,300 respectively. you.

Meanwhile, Axel Rodrigo won Event 54: R$2,000 PLO Choice 4/5 Card KO Progressive. The Argentinian finished first among 207 entrants and received R$ 67,050 in prize money.

Soon after, Guilherme Ramos prevented another victory for Albiceleste in the Riocentro Felts at Barra da Tijuca. In Event 53: R$1,000 NL Hold’em Deepstack Turbo, he defeated Ezequiel Farias in HU and won R$46,000. The runner-up receives R$30,800.

Claudio Fernández wins 1-day HR title at KSOP GGPo...

KSOP: Bernardo Peters misses out on stunning loss in Main Event

KSOP GGPoker SA: Bernardo Peters takes on JJ vs. J...

KSOP GGPoker South America Main Event is about to enter its final stage. Only 25 players make it to day four, with competition continuing until the final table is formed on Wednesday. A crazy defeat saved Argentinian Fabian Ortiz’s life in the match, much to the chagrin of Brazilian Bernardo Peters.

The game is played with blinds of 25,000 / 50,000, with an ante of 50,000. Argentinian Christian Sare, the chip leader at the time, opened UTG with 100,000; fellow Argentinian Fabian Ortiz, who had 26 blinds at the time, started with a 3-bet for 265,000; Bernardo Peters, coming out of the cutoff, 4-bet to 600,000. Sare came through, and after a few seconds of thinking, Ortiz shoved his remaining 1,100,000 chips in and was immediately paid out by the Brazilian.

Immediately after the showdown, Peters and Ortiz were smiling because they had the same hand and everything indicated that a draw was coming. But as soon as the flop happened, Bernardo’s smile turned to worry and he put his hands in front of his face.

The turn sealed Fabian’s flush and handed the pot to the Argentine, who had 2,900,000 in chips and was even a little reserved in his celebration. Bernardo didn’t seem to believe what was happening and smiled bitterly. Still, he has a healthy 2,800,000 in chips with 55 blinds, just shy of his opponent.

KSOP GGPoker SA: Bernardo Peters takes on JJ vs. J...

GGPoker’s freeroll includes 200 GTD points for Bounty Hunter Series Mystery Millions

GGPoker’s freeroll includes 200 GTD points for Bou...

The next freeroll at the GGPoker table is going to be amazing. This Saturday the 20th, starting at 5:00 PM ET, the world’s largest website will be giving away $1,050 worth of Mystery Millions Bounty Hunter Series tickets, a $5.25 value.

200 winners of the freeroll will participate in a tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of $1 million.

Eligible players have until the morning of Monday the 22nd to participate in the first day of the Mystery Millions. Shortly after, at 3:30 p.m., the finals phase will begin, when coveted prizes will begin to be distributed, including a $100,000 prize pool.

The passwords for the freerolls will be announced by GGPoker Brazil on their Instagram account tomorrow and Saturday.

GGPoker’s freeroll includes 200 GTD points for Bou...

Posterity makes history by winning the 5 Million of the Winamax Series

Posterity makes history by winning the 5 Million o...

Yesterday was the final day of the Winamax Series at Winamax. Throughout the day,26 events of the MTT festival concluded, which distributed €11.7min prizes. Posterity won the 5 Millions and took home the jackpot of the year.Posterity goes down in Winamax posterity

Posterity claimed victory in the WSE-05: €125 5 Million Event KO and walked away with a life-changing prize of €369,555.72. The tournament had a field of 54,961 entries and an impressive prize pool: €6,265,554 (much higher than the €5 million guaranteed). This was the final table:

  1. Posterity: €369,555.72.
  2. louisonner27: €326,068.13.
  3. EmillionS00n: €203,268.26.
  4. FFF_MexiBro: €150,857.61.
  5. lebordelaii: €110,881.03.
  6. Ev2equity: €73,453.94.
  7. AlexCorvin: 65.789,60 €.

You can now watch the replay of the final table.

Here are the other 4 multi-flight events:

  • Giant KO €2: 138,538 entries and €249,368.40 pot. Winner: EricoPlatana(€15,572.51).
  • High Five Mystery 5: 111,469 entries and a €501,610.50 jackpot. Winner: ElMentalisto(€35,361.27).
  • Colossus Million KO €20: 78,042 entries and €1,404,756 jackpot. Winner: monstrooo1(€87,314.02).
  • Million Event Mystery €50: 32,737 entries and €1,473,165 jackpot. Winner: fidubiu(€97,813.96).

The Winamax Series, a tremendous success for the room

The Series ended yesterday and the balance could not be more positive for the French room. The festival started with €25 million guaranteed prizes and ended with a prize pool of €32.8 million. The overlays in the events were only €3,336; only 2 of the 266 tournaments on the calendar did not cover the guaranteed amount, which is unheard of in the history of online poker. Congratulations to the organization!

Winamax Series Final Day Results

  1. Posterity (WSE-01. Prize pool: 369,555.72. Field: 54,961. Prize pool: 6,265,554).
  2. EricoPlatana (WSE-02. Prize: £15,572.51. Field: 138,538. Prize pool: £249,368).
  3. ElMentalisto (WSE-03. Prize: £35,361.27. Field: 111,469. Prize pool: £501,610).
  4. monstrooo1 (WSE-04. Prize: £87,314.02. Field: 78,042. Prize pool: £1,404,756).
  5. fidubiu (WSE-05. Prize: £97,813.96. Field: 32,737. Prize pool: £1,473,165).
  6. Enjoybro (WSE-220. Prize: €22,020.85. Field: 577. Prize pool: €343,206).
  7. LouisVignac3 (WSE-247. Prize: €6,043.61. Field: 4,060. Prize pool: €36,540).
  8. Esperluette (WSE-248. Prize: €12,606.87. Field: 2,606. Prize pool: €117,270).
  9. nnra (WSE-249. Prize: €9,273.97. Field: 5,323. Prize pool: €95,814).
  10. TheEldestBoy (WSE-250. Prize: £13,742.12. Field: 1,330. Prize pool: £119,700).
  11. B. Blanc (WSE-251. Prize: €1,031.94. Field: 6,995. Prize pool: €12,591).
  12. pistonlee10 (WSE-252. Prize: €3,597.80. Field: $5,088. Prize pool: €22,896).
  13. SeRemAA (WSE-253. Prize: €8,092.34. Field: €9,015. Prize pool: €81,135).
  14. CALAMARSK (WSE-254. Prize: €8,956.71. Field: 3,019. Prize pool: €54,342).
  15. Frank.Saint (WSE-255. Prize: €13,779.79. Field: 3,403. Prize pool: €153,135).
  16. BeijoDMorena (WSE-256. Prize: €11,326.75. Field: 595. Prize pool: €53,550).
  17. Marmoottin (WSE-257. Prize: €5,128.34. Field: 269. Prize pool: €24,210).
  18. Shiny Mew (WSE-258. Prize: €34,392.77. Field: 951. Prize pool: €220,632).
  19. IAMTHEDEALER (WSE-259. Prize: €4,890.00. Field: 2,510. Prize pool: €27,342).
  20. d3fault (WSE-260. Prize: €6,208.94. Field: 3,192. Prize pool: €57,456).
  21. Niklaas34 (WSE-261. Prize: $4,496.65. Field: $5,663. Prize pool: $50,967).
  22. LiveForToday (WSE-262. Prize: €7,580.95. Field: 4,271. Prize pool: €76,878).
  23. KrumKrumKrum (WSE-263. Prize: €10,112.59. Field: 1,173. Prize pool: €52,785).
  24. IWtPlayaGame (WSE-264. Prize: €18,174.06. Field: 334. Prize pool: €80,000).
  25. epicplay (WSE-265. Prize: €6,031.61. Field: 2,994. Prize pool: €53,892).
  26. Outrage 22 (WSE-266. Prize: €13,653.23. Field: 349. Prize pool: €80,619).

Posterity makes history by winning the 5 Million o...

Igor Chashchin won the ME RPT Armenia Championship.

The winner of the ME RPT Armenia event is Igor Cha...

The Russian Poker Tour returns to the Armenian city of Chakazor. Festival main event winner Igor Chashchin of Russia took home $33,300. In this article, you will learn who won the tournament and how the game ended.

Repeated success

RPT’s return to Chaka Dzor after its “march” to the Armenian capital did not weaken the Attractiveness of the activity. Entry numbers for all competitions exceeded expectations and were close to 2022 figures.

The $450 Main Event saw 390 entrants, just six fewer than in October 2017, with 46 players cashing in.

Igor Chashchin from Russia won the main event for $33,300.

Only 120 players remained at the table and the blinds had been increased to 5,000 before he claimed the day’s overall win. At this point he must re-enter. Oddly, just a few days ago, Igor finished second in the Monster Event, winning $5,700.

The latest MysteryBounty competition has 192 entrants. Nikolay Rodionov won ($3,550 excluding bonus) and Stanislav Zaitsev took home the top prize of $6,400 in seventh place.

Balance Sheet Summary

Although this series not only has Russia and Armenia Contestants took part, as did those from Belarus, Ukraine, Estonia, Poland and Iran, but the majority of the contestants were Russian, ultimately influencing the makeup of the Maine finals.

Among the nine players, only one represents the host country, and the chips are only 3BB. So it’s no surprise that Vahe Amiragyan finished in 9th place.

An hour later, the average chips on the table were around 20BB, with only a few coming out. Kirill Alexandrov ($10,130) was fourth. He finished first in the high roller event of the series.

In heads-up play, he faced Alexander Shegai, who started the final with almost half the cards. The tournament chips are in the stack and have a strong chip lead in one-on-one games.

But Igor managed to deal with the chipmaker’s aggressive play and closed a few game bank wins, opening up his bluffs and hitting A4s against The final showdown of 35s resulted in a premium flush.

Who is Igor Chashchin?

We know nothing about his online career. The Russian has been competing in live tournaments since 2015. He had previously cashed only at the Minsk and Sochi series, winning a total of $17,170 before the EPT.

Chashchin’s deposit amount more than doubled during Igor’s two weeks in Tsakhkadzor.

The next edition of the Russian Poker Tour will be held in the Belarusian capital and will be the largest tournament event in the country in the past 5 years with a total guarantee of $600,000.

The winner of the ME RPT Armenia event is Igor Cha...

14 Brazilian players enter Day 2 of PS Sunday Million

14 Brazilian players enter final day of PokerStars...

This Sunday (17th) the Sunday Million ended with the wonderful performance of Brazilian players. After 7.50 hours of play, 14 of the 81 players still alive out of 10,749 entrants were from the country, which had a buy-in of $109.

The highlight is Leonardo Nascimento “n1cetomeetyou”. The Samba star ended Sunday as the chip leader of the tournament, amassing 26,649,375 chips and $2,335 in prize money on day one.

Other notables include “P3chel” who ended day one with 13,106,698 chips and $1,184 On the bounty front, Renato Valentim “bauruzito” entered day two with 10,720,933 chips and $783 of eliminations, and “Brenowwm.” ended the first day with 8,972,732 in chips and $887 in guaranteed chips.

The Sunday Million will air on Monday (18th) at 3pm on MundoTV. The blinds are 125,000/250,000 and the ante is 32,500. The guaranteed prize pool for 81 players is $393. However, in addition to winnings, the winner also has a whopping $55,889 prize pool.

Check out the Brazilian’s full stack count below:

Leonardo Nascimento “n1cetomeetyou” – 26,649,375

“P3chel” – 13,106,698

Renato Valentim “bauruzito” – 10,720,933

“Brenowwm”. – 8,972,732

Maurício Júnior “mauricioj100” – 8,442,232

Gustavo Braz “TavimWin” – 8,048,090

Alexandre Ragazzi “Ragazzi25” – 7,250 .410

Guylherme Bettes “gbettes” – 6,661,822

Felipe Theodoro “felipe52” – 5,130,887

Alisson Piekazewicz “heyalisson” – 4,723,389

“Rodrigo DM” – 3,805,680

“TholAAs” – 2,029,370

Bernardo Granato “BernardoDG” – 1,887 .315

Luis Correa “Luis Correa” – 1,700,375

14 Brazilian players enter final day of PokerStars...

La Armada Enters Final Day of 2-Day High Roller Event

La Armada Enters Final Day of 2-Day High Roller Ev...

The final high roller event of the BSOP Millions will be held at the Sheraton World Trade Center Hotel in Saint Paul, with qualifiers There is a group of Spanish speakers who are probably looking forward to competing in one of the toughest tournaments of the festival.

Event No. 87 87 R$ 15,000 2-Day High RollerA total of 81 participants competed against 30 players through 13 action levels. While the best survivor is Hermogenes Junior, who advanced with 678,000 chips, representing the Armada is Leandro Bustillo (cover photo), who finished with 590,000 chips.

Pineda is looking for a new title in Sao Paulo.

Also Carlos Serrano, Gaspar Neuman, Jorge Ramella, Julian Pineda and Leonel Guerra Garza have also entered the final day and will try to enter the top 10 with the highest prize money in this event. The winner will receive a reward of 280,000 reais.

Play continues at 14:00 with the winner of Level 14 being stakes of 5,000/10,000 and the big blind of 10,000. Details of this tournament will be posted live on CodigoPoker.

BSOP Millions – Event No. 87 2-Day High Roller

Buy-in: R$15,000

Number of Entries: 81

End Pool: 1,000,000 R$


1° Hermógenes Junior – 678,0002°Leandro Bustillo – 590,0003°Carlos Serrano – 544,0004° Bernardo Diaz – 528,0005° Fabio Murakami – 470,0006° Aloisio de Avila Dorado – 458,0007° Paulo Henrique Joanello – 454,0008° William Riper – 380,0009° Diego dos Santos – 344,00010° Gustavo Camé – 333,00011° Luan Pereira Coelho – 313,00012° Thiago Crema – 306,00013° Alex Glinsky – 262,00014° Renan Bruschi – 251,00015° Jefferson Pineau – 243,00016° Pedro Padilla – 218,00017° Gaspar Newman 215,00018° Marcelo Torres da Silva – 209,00019° Niloneto – 206,00020° Julian Pineda – 199,00021° Masato Yokozawa – 152,00022. Jorge Lamela – 147,00023° Khabib Esses – 117,00024° Eduardo Zefferino – 116,00025°Lionel Garza – 108,00026° Alexander Arantes – 105,00027° Fabio Wagner – 92,00028° Rafael Moraes -84,00029° Felipe Rodriguez – 50,00030° Kelvin Cobb – 50,000

La Armada Enters Final Day of 2-Day High Roller Ev...

Tigergaming is hosting a Play & Win leaderboard competition with a $100,000 prize pool.

Check out Chico Network’s Play & Win rankings!

The American Chico Network does not have a membership rewards program. Play & Win Leaderboards tournaments offer over $100,000 in monthly prizes and daily leaderboards broken down by poker type, and are one of the few ways to earn rebates for your skin. This website provides comprehensive coverage of the competition.

Rankings are updated daily

There are a total of five different ranked poker tournaments available on the Chico Network.

NLHE racing has no limits.

Updated Pot Limit Omaha Racing Positions Add $250 Daily

Get Rich Quick! Locations updated daily

The daily wait for seats is fierce competition.

Each of the first two groups is divided into three threshold ratings:

*Unlimited, no-purchase, risk-free gunplay.

Improve your ranking with bonus points depending on:

In High and Medium stakes In betting, 1 pip is equivalent to $1 in commission.

For games with low ratings, one point equals one commission point.

Night Shootout to the Death

Rewards for top tournaments are standardized to ensure that as many players as possible compete in standard Texas Hold’em and Omaha There is an equal chance of winning at the poker table. This means that whether you are in first place or fiftieth place, you are still invited to participate in a unique tournament.

These tournaments are drawn, so registration is automatic and attendance is not required. Each hand is played at full bet until only one player remains. Afterwards, “survivors” are used to create new tables, and so on, until the total number of rewards equals the number of “survivors.”

These free contest prizes offer the same rewards as others:

* Deliver winnings for playing games in cash.

You must wager your entire bonus at cash tables before it can be added to your real money balance. To do this, select the appropriate amount from your game bonus account before placing your bet. Once deposited, you have 7 days to use it.

Daily prize pool increased by $250

Only the NL25 Boost table will be used for this tournament ( Fast Poker). Award one point for every dollar earned. At least three players must be present.

Top 20:

Competition rebates range from 10% to 30%.

Daily Leaderboards $300 Wind Wall

High Risk for Competitive Players Rotating leaderboard. One point per dollar earned is added to the leaderboard. The top 25 winners will receive prizes:

*As prize

Daily sit and go

In the traditional CIS tournament, this player competes according to NLH tournaments have the same format as PLO tournaments. The top 50 participants of the day will earn a spot at Sit & Let’s Go to Penalties The top 10 finishers will each receive a $30 bonus.

As long as your total score is at least 50, that’s enough. Earn one point for every dollar of commission earned.

The prevalence of racial stereotypes:

Each rake in the morning Moscow local time Starts at 7:00.

If a player leaves the table or is eliminated from a tournament, his rake points will only be updated at that time.

Reward points will only be updated when the user clicks the “Register” button to register for the promotion.

Users registered on the My Tasks page (located in the lower left corner of the PC application) can receive real-time ratings from every user in the room.

Check out Chico Network’s Play & Win rankings!

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