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Tauan Naves Fuzz FT None $525 Bounty Hunters HR Deep Stack

Tauan Naves Fuzz FT None $525 Bounty Hunters HR De...

On Monday the 4th, ace Tauan Naves bowed out of the WSOP Online $525 Bounty Hunters HR Deepstack Championship in fourth place. His balance increased by a total of $21,819.

In the $54 Bounty Hunter Daily Deepstack competition, “theMaus” took home the bronze medal and $12,862 in prize money. There were 6,039 participants in the championship.

32.10 Bounty King JR featuring Brazilian doubles. “jogadooor” defeated his compatriot Joseph “Vesenick9” Vesenick in a heads-up match for $9,877. The runner-up received $6,433.

Meanwhile, João Belotti rounded out the podium in the $444 Forty Stack Bounty HR. He earned $8,683 after defeating 141 opponents.

Also, João Simão finished fourth out of 25 entrants in the site’s $2,100 PLO High Roller, a performance that earned him $7,094. View other results:

TournamentPlayerPositionPrizeWSOP Online: $77 LUCKY SEVENS Turbo 7-Handed “Failure33object” 2nd place $6,701 WSOP Online: $44 Forty Heap “Levistraus” 2nd place $6,457 WSOP High Roller: $525 Day Saver HR Hyper Turbo “Akariee” 4. $6,009 GGMasters Bounty $25 “trb1989” 1. $5,439 WSOP Online: $250 Main Event “Ops zikei” 7. $5,162 WSOP Online: $55 Fifty Stacks “doyourbest” 3. $5,036

Tauan Naves Fuzz FT None $525 Bounty Hunters HR De...

Neville Costa leva a melhor no $530 Bounty Builder HR

Neville Costa leva a melhor no $530 Bounty Builder...

The Brazilian flag was once again on the podium of the $530 Bounty Builder HR. In a string of national titles, it was Neville Costa who ignited the championship cry in the PKO tournament. After sending 116 players, the owner of the “NevilleWeeee” account earned $15,524.

Shortly thereafter, “Daniel_pones” completed the double crown with a $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR. He won a total of $13,672.

In the $109 bounty generator, “marceloscob” hit 416 entries and earned $6,776.

“Tchelo Shelvy” won $6,312 in the $33 Bounty Builder.

Neville Costa leva a melhor no $530 Bounty Builder...

Poker Top Pro: When to use a bluff catcher

Poker Top Pro: When to use a bluff catcher

Poker’s top professional school shows us a new video on general strategy for the game. This time it’s about bluff catchers. To better explain this concept,Tullio Bertolianalyzes a hand he played at a $2/$5 cash game in Las Vegas.

You can watch the video here:

For more videos we invite you to follow Poker Top Pro on social networks:

Poker Top Pro: When to use a bluff catcher

Brazilian trio qualify for EPT on Days 1A and 1B of Estrellas

EPT Barcelona: Gustavo Dias, Welker Johnny and Vic...

One of the most cost-effective tournaments at the EPT Barcelona is the Estrellas Poker Tour Main Event. The event has a buy-in of €1,100 and will feature eight qualifiers before qualifying on the second day. The first two games ended with the Brazilian trio bagging chips. Regulars Welker Johnny, Victor Pertile and Gustavo Dias made the cut.

Day 1A saw 353 registrations and nearly 14 hours of play. In the end, 53 players advanced. Gustavo Dias advanced with 357,000 chips. Day 1B had 155 entrants, ending with 23 qualifiers. On this flight the Day 2 win was achieved by the combination of Welker Johnny and Victor Pertile.

Read more: Yuri Martins shines in expensive tournaments, reaching three final tables and taking home huge prize money at GGPoker

Welker had 321,000 in chips and ended Day 1B with the third largest stack. The team’s Pertile wasn’t too far behind. The São Paulo native finished eighth in chips with 225,000 in chips. The good news is that all qualifiers have finished in the top 15% and are guaranteed ITMs when play resumes.

There are 6 qualifiers left before all players meet on Day 2. The blinds returned by the game depend on the results of other games.

EPT Barcelona: Gustavo Dias, Welker Johnny and Vic...

Wemby1 wins Winamax Tuesday High Roller

Wemby1 wins Winamax Tuesday High Roller

Yesterday’s focus was the Regular Championship of Winamax .fres. A total of 20 tournaments with 5-figure jackpots and 439,000 euros were organized throughout Tuesday in France. Bonus.

The winner of 3 more tournaments will receive €6,000.

In terms of prize pool, fourtournaments exceeded €30,000 in prize money:

  • Battle Royale (€34,000).
  • After Hours (€34.5,000).
  • Prime Time (€45,000).
  • HighRoller (€36.5,000).

Here are the top results from Tuesday:

A new day awaits us today in the Regular Championship, with the opening flight adding to the fun trilogy Activities.

Responsible Play.

Wemby1 wins Winamax Tuesday High Roller

KSOP: Lucio Antunes takes lead in PLO

KSOP GGPoker Premium: Lucio Antunes Advances in Fi...

Pot Limit Omaha fans will have the chance to play the KSOP GGPoker Premium this Friday. That day, the R$100,000 Guaranteed PLO Tournament kicked off, featuring several big-name players. In the early hours of the morning, the PLO was suspended and the qualifiers resumed.

Once 85 players had signed up for the R$1,500 event, only 12 were able to survive the rising blinds and emerge victorious. until day 2. They are still battling for ITM qualification as the prize pool starts with 8th place in the tournament.

The chip leader is one of the domestic mixed game stars. São Paulo’s Lúcio Antunes held the slight lead with 371,000 in chips. In second place is Daniel Gadotti with 336,000 chips. Leonardo Nishitani was third with 301,000 points, becoming the last player to reach the 300,000 mark.

Ricardo Loyola, Gustavo Tatith “Fincão”, Marcelo Gadelha and Rosilene Ferreira were the other names in the qualifying round. The PLO final is scheduled for this Sunday at 2pm, with the winner to be announced later in the day. The tournament returns with 3,000/6,000 blinds.

Check Chip Count:


LUCIO CESAR CAMARGO ANTUNES 371,000 SAO PAULO / SP 34 8 Daniel Gadotti 336,000 RODEO/SC 33 2 Leonardo Nishiya 301000 Campos dos Goitacazes/RJ 33 7 Nicolás Federico Zunino Caseles 264,000 Uruguay 34 2 Regis Arthur Baggs Dole 256,0 00 Paso Fondo/RS 34 3 Daniel Perez Barbosa 219.000 Rio/RJ 33 5 Ricardo Loyola de Sousa 179,000 Rio/RJ 33 8 Gustavo Correa Tatis 175,000 Marau/RS 33 3 Joao Tadeu Severo de Almeida Neto 171,000 Brasilia/DF 34 5 Mattia S ARIEL ARTESIO 135,00 0 ARGENTINA 3 4 4 MARCELO GRABWA GARDELHA 80000 FORTALEZA/CE 33 6 ROSILENE ANDREA FERREIRA 64,000 BELO HORIZONTE/MG 34 6

KSOP GGPoker Premium: Lucio Antunes Advances in Fi...

WSOP 2023: Diego Ventura Wins Event #86!

WSOP 2023: Diego Ventura Wins Event #86!

Diego Ventura Champion!!! Today, Saturday, July 15th, a new chapter in Peruvian poker history was written as he became the country’s first Players who win live bracelets in tournaments. World Cup winning poker series. Last year, Ewald Mahr was successful in the online edition.

Event #86 The Poker Hall of Fame Bounty awarded $1,979 worth of prize money to 1,417 participants for a total of $2,495,776 in prize money. Winners include: Martín Piñeiro (194th – $3,135), José Ruiz (173rd – $3,429), Luis Yepez (120th – $3,918), Carlos Lam (1st 02 Pit) – 4,158 US dollars), Farid Jattin (96th -4,479 US dollars), Matías Gabrenja (94th -4,479 US dollars), ELI Elezra (86th -4,479 US dollars), $ 4,897) Guerrero 🇨 (No. 78 – $5,434), René Lazaro 🇪🇸 (No. 43 – $9,493), Francis Cruz (No. 26 – $13,628), Phil Hellmuth 🇺🇸 (No. 19 – $13 , $628) , Martin Jacobson 🇸🇪 (No. 7 – $55,165) and Jose Nadal (No. 5 – $97,174).

Diego Ventura is the last player standing in the $1,979 Poker Hall of Fame bounty campaign, earning his first bracelet and $402,054 Dollar!

Congratulations, Diego!

– WSOP – World Series of Poker (@WSOP) July 15, 2023

Diego 🇵🇪 managed to get all the chips, his first A bracelet and the second-highest win of his career: $402,054. His best finish remains a second-place finish in the 2015 PCA Main Event, earning $907,000. With career earnings of $2,003,718, he is the top player in Peru.

WSOP 2023: Diego Ventura Wins Event #86!

Weinman becomes 2023 WSOP Main Event Champion

Weinman becomes 2023 WSOP Main Event Champion

WSOP 2023 The Main Event is over and Daniel Weinman has the best finish. The Atlanta-born, 35-year-old pro defined the three-hand event in less than two hours, becoming champion and winning gold and diamond bracelets and a record $12,100,000 prize money. Steven Jones, the $6,500,000 heads-up runner-up.

From now on, Weinman’s name will be etched in poker’s Eden alongside the greatest legends, but with A bonus: He just won the biggest Main Event in history, registered 10,043 entries and formed a $93,399,900 pot shared among the top 1,507 players.

After eight days of play and a final table day, the final event was defined with difficulty as the shortest of the three finishers so far Adam Walton started with 86 big blinds.

In the second level of the game, however, Walton took the remaining chips in the middle with a pair of eights and . The champion caught him with an Ace. He finished third for $4,000,000.

Just like that, Heads-up match with Weinman nearly 3-1 at the start of the game in Las Vegas. In any case, both opponents have good remaining blinds, which allows them to play more. Still, the heads-up match, much like the 2022 event, made history in less than an hour.

Jones attacks from behind, looking for points of attack until he thinks his time has come. He opened from the small blind with J 8 for 7,000,000 and Weinman called from the big blind with J -kc.

He flopped J 5 2 , Jones c-bet 6,000,000 and Weinman raised to 18,500,000. Jones thought about it and called.

The turn came the 4, Weinman bet 38,000,000 and Jones thought long and hard before shoving all-in for his remaining 146,000,000. Daniel paid almost immediately.

The river was the ace, and Weinman let out a triumphant cry and leaped onto the railing, completely terrified at the moment: he had just been crowned the new world champion. most important milestone.

Weinman becomes 2023 WSOP Main Event Champion

Peterson Machado extends lead in KSOP ladder battle

Peterson Machado Leads Online and International in...

The coveted and prized battle for the KSOP GGPoker Ranked Champion enters the penultimate event of the KSOP GGPoker Premium, which will take place in Rio de Janeiro in early August. After hosting the online version and the first international stage, are there any players from? #1 Wonderful City Peterson Machado.

Peterson Machado, who has been leading since the beginning of the year, has started well and leads the overall standings this season. The champion will receive a cash prize of 200,000 reals and various other benefits. The overall winner of the leaderboard will also become Team Pro KSOP GGPoker and will receive a guaranteed free seat in all KSOP GGPoker main events in 2024.

Stakes so high Big, the fight will continue to be tough, even if the Brazilian’s performance hinted at something out of hand. The Rio star topped the list with 6,633.69 points. He is followed by Colombian Sebastian Fonseca, who is relentlessly fighting for the top spot. Sebastian scored 5,115.14 points.

There is another Colombian in the top five. Another big player of the season, Jorge Osuna, is third with 4,460.77 points. Bruno Porto was fourth with 4,295.91 points and André Leão rounded out the top five with 4,024.38 points. Carlos Serrano, Elvis Renan, Henrique Cruz, Marciano Vannucchi and Eric Dal Magro round out the top ten.

Foreign rankings

Colombian Sebastian is in full contention for the Fonseca standings, who has won the leading foreign rankings. The Pocarr Latina pro scored 5,115.14 points to take the lead. Colombia dominated the competition, with four members of the team finishing in the top five.

Jorge Osuna is second with 4,460.77 points, while online High Roller champion Carlos Serrano is third with 3,984.85 points. The “outsider” in the top five is Kevin Anahhas from Paraguay, the PLO5 KO champion at KSOP GGPoker in Iguazu. He has 2,556.84 points. Julian Pineda rounded out the top five with 2,478.48 points.

Omaha Ladder

Omaha Ladder has changed the most in recent games. The only post that survived was the very first one Sandro Hahn took over. He won the PLO5 Prog after a solid performance at the KSOP GGPoker International edition. KO, Sandro extended the lead to 1,973.52 points.

Second place brings something new. Nathan Aslan took over with 1,485.81 points. Gustavo Tatith “Fincão” was third with 1,425.39 points. The unstoppable Sebastian Fonseca also appears in this ranking. The Colombian was fourth with 1,110.20 points. Carlos Serrano rounded out the top 5 with 1,106.48 points.

Peterson Machado Leads Online and International in...

Chilano Wins Multi-Day Championship Take at Melincué Casino and Casino

Chilano Wins Multi-Day Championship Take at Melinc...

Melincué Casino & features exciting tournaments and its own poker room. The resort has become one of the most important venues for the sport in the region. The last organized multi-day tournament is an example.

The event had a buy-in of $50,000 and featured three first races, attracting a total of 132 entries plus 37 re-entries , and Adrián Chilano won the championship.

Chilano crowned after defeating Francisco Morresi – final, wins $2 million, runner-up takes second place $1,140,000 bonus.

The Multi-Day Tournament 3rd Final Table was contested by the top nine players, and Hernán Cavallo won the $670,000 prize On the podium, Cristian Comoguo finished fourth with $530,000 in prize money.

Chilano Wins Multi-Day Championship Take at Melinc...

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