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What is “Hollywooding” in poker?

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Poker has a deep-rooted tendency towards showmanship, which you can still spot in some players, although it has diminished with the development of online poker, mathematical games, and theory. That’s what “Hollywoodization” is all about, as the strategy’s name suggests: making moves to (over)try to cover up a hand. Hollywood-style acting is considered poor table manners because it’s a deliberate waste of time for the game’s marginal added value. Acting at the table doesn’t do much, although that doesn’t stop some people.

This can happen for two reasons, the second being more common:

1) hands but wants to pretend it’s a hard call; trying to hide the hands he’s playing.

2) When a player expects to call or raise with good hands, but has weakness in his own hand or expects others to pay attention to his bluffs.

Usually, Hollywoodization represents the strength of the player, as he expects us to fall into the “complex” trap. However, it can also be used in reverse to add intensity to a show and remind smart and skilled players who are already familiar with the technique. In a way, it can act as a tell or “reverse tell”.

To illustrate with pictures, we have Danish Nielsen and French Guri in the EPT Barcelona match. The first to get the poker on the flop and get called by Ace High thanks to a very obvious and blatant show that confused Gury. His mindset led him to believe that superficial accomplishments were a sign of weakness, when the opposite was true. Genius or Crazy?

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ME WSOP Bad Beat Story

Twice King to Ace: The Story of the Creepy Villain...

The most anticipated event of the year, the WSOP Main Event, kicks off in Las Vegas. Hundreds of players gathered in the first few hours of registration. However, organizers expect more than 8,600 entrants, an all-time high.

The game will be played in a classic FreeSouth format, so the players will usually feel the start of each stage, even in the first few hours, as painful. And the just-started ME WSOP already has some toughest heads-up contenders.

This player is from Israel and was introduced as Idan The One. His tournament performance was pretty mediocre — just above the buy-in cost of the World Series main event.

In the second level on day one, The One lost to Ruben Correia in a classic confrontation: opposition. However, this is not the end of bad luck for poker players.

Not long after, The One had another pocket King. He made a standard 3-bet that folded two limpers, but Correiai 4-bet all-in. One 5-bet all-in hoping to double up and Ruben quickly called.

This is a real blow to the Israeli players. His opponent showed pocket aces again and held on, and a few hours later he was eliminated from this year’s main event.

After losing his entire stack with the same hands (his own and an opponent’s), the guy did it, and I wouldn’t hold back his feelings. He quickly left the playing field. PokerNews reporters then witnessed the poker player sitting on the floor with his hands in front of his face for an hour. His girlfriend had been nearby, possibly trying to comfort the runner after the freezing cold.

WSOP organizers may be watching the situation and calling it ‘the main loser of the Main Event’ ‘the ticket to the next Main Event. However, this situation is not common.

Twice King to Ace: The Story of the Creepy Villain...

Money watch? None better than Americas Cardroom…

Money watch? None better than Americas Cardroom...

The poker room tournaments in the US have grown in recent years and attracted more and more players, although their live tables have not lost the cachet they have earned over time, especially because of a special Function.

American Card Room continue to use the bomb cans which add more powder to the tables they bomb…especially When their traffic over OSS is growing.

What’s the point? Cash game players typically play at a table, regardless of rank, until a bomb explodes on the table just before the cards are dealt. For example, where all players post two blinds, deal the cards, and watch the flop. From there, the action will continue as usual, but with everyone fighting for the big pots that have been created.

These tables are located in the American Card Room and are marked with a bomb symbol for better identification. The 6-Max explodes 4 bombs per hour and the 9-Max 4 bombs per hour. Of course, Blitz Poker and limited tables (with bankroll restrictions) do not participate.

Money watch? None better than Americas Cardroom...

TV Schedule: WSOP Main Event Offers Free Live Streaming

TV Schedule: WSOP Main Event Offers Free Live Stre...

The moment all poker lovers have been waiting for has finally arrived. The 2023 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event kicks off new dreams of becoming world champion and most coveted bracelet The curtain is waiting for you to grab.

Additionally, another highlight of this year is that PokerGO will be in Las Vegas with a program from Day 1 Completely free radio.

All eyes will be on Crowd Records getting ready for the biggest Main Event in history. Nearly 100 people signed up for the feat last year, and this time the organization is doing everything it can to surpass that number.

Broadcast will begin this Monday on Day 1A. The first four days, the first flights, will be live-streamed on the YouTube channel. Thereafter, on Day 2 (Friday the 7th), the broadcast will be co-transmitted with the PokerGO paid platform.

Competition is expected to intensify this year, with world-renowned players and young talents ready to show their skills at the poker tables. From legends like Phil Hellmuth vying for an 18th title and Daniel Negreanu, to rising stars and of course the likes of Papo MC

Whether you listen to the chips or watch the action from the comfort of your home before you become a place and enjoy it, the WSOP 2023Main Event It will be a great event and an unforgettable experience. Every year since the start of this issue, we has covered the Latin American Armada on social networks with articles, interviews, photos and videos.

TV Schedule: WSOP Main Event Offers Free Live Stre...

Dreams in motion: WSOP 2023 Main Event kicks off

Dreams in motion: WSOP 2023 Main Event kicks off

One year has passed. When the wait seems like an eternity, here we go again: the WSOP 2023 Main Event starts today. world cup. Of course, everyone wants to play and win, just like Damian Salashan did a few years ago. Day 1 A starts this afternoon and those fears will finally end.

We is in Las Vegas for the 14th consecutive year. That’s right, Latin America’s leading Spanish-language poker content generator is back in Sin City, bringing you all the details and special coverage of the 2023 World Series of Poker Main Event.

Dreams in motion: WSOP 2023 Main Event kicks off

A women’s record gives Abraham her first bracelet

A women's record gives Abraham her first bracelet

From a deep deficit, Tamar Abraham won the WSOP 2023 Women’s Event Bracelet, which will go down in the festival’s history books.

In a record-breaking tournament, the Event #67 $1,000 Women’s Championship attracted 1,295 entrants and awarded the A total prize pool of $1,152,550 went to 195 players.

Abraham played well at the final table, taking over the lead and starting a heads-up 4-1 advantage that gave her the Championship title and prize money of $192,167.

“This is so surreal. Me.” I don’t even know what to say, I just can’t find the words. I’m thinking of having everyone over for dinner tonight. I just don’t know where it will be yet, but it would be great! ’ assured the newly crowned champion.

This is not the first time the American has competed in the event, as she finished 30th in both 2013 and 2018 and 45. 2021. However, according to The Hendon Mob, the latter’s earnings easily surpass her career total of $49,654 to date.

Meanwhile, Pamela Balzano tops Latino earning list. Eliminated in 25th place for $6,492. Maria Lampropoulos also acknowledged /strong>, Vivian Saliba and Paola Moreira.

Buy-in:$1,000Entry: 1,295 Pot: $1,152,550

Final Table

1° Tamar Abraham – $192,1672. Shiina Okamoto – $118,7683° Nam Nguyen – $85,7564° Susan Maraway – $62,6585° Mary Dworkin – $46,3336° Tara Kane – $34,6797° Chrysi Phiniotis—$26,2778° Jenny Wu – $20,1609° Christy Ogilvy – $15,66210. Laura Westfall – $12,324

ITM Latino

25° Pamela Balzano – $6,49236. Maria Lampropoulos – $4,52882. Vivian Saliba – $4,528189° Paula Moreira – $1,601

A women's record gives Abraham her first bracelet

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