Chilano Wins Multi-Day Championship Take at Melincué Casino and Casino

Chilano Wins Multi-Day Championship Take at Melinc...

Melincué Casino & features exciting tournaments and its own poker room. The resort has become one of the most important venues for the sport in the region. The last organized multi-day tournament is an example.

The event had a buy-in of $50,000 and featured three first races, attracting a total of 132 entries plus 37 re-entries , and Adrián Chilano won the championship.

Chilano crowned after defeating Francisco Morresi – final, wins $2 million, runner-up takes second place $1,140,000 bonus.

The Multi-Day Tournament 3rd Final Table was contested by the top nine players, and Hernán Cavallo won the $670,000 prize On the podium, Cristian Comoguo finished fourth with $530,000 in prize money.

Chilano Wins Multi-Day Championship Take at Melinc...

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  • This text provides information about the Melincué Casino and its poker room, highlighting its reputation as an important venue for poker tournaments in the region. It also mentions the recent multi-day tournament where Adrián Chilano emerged as the champion, winning a substantial cash prize.

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    This text highlights the success and popularity of Melincué Casino in the region, particularly its poker tournaments. It mentions a recent high-stakes tournament with a significant buy-in, attracting a large number of entries and re-entries, and ultimately crowning Adrián Chilano as the champion. The text also mentions notable prize amounts won by the top players, showcasing the lucrative nature of the tournament.

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    This text provides information about the Melincué Casino, highlighting its exciting tournaments and poker room. It mentions the recent multi-day tournament, its participants, and the winners, including the prize money they won.

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    I think the text highlights the popularity of poker at Melincué Casino and the success of their tournaments. It’s impressive to see such large prize amounts being awarded to the winners.

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    I think the text highlights the success of Melincué Casino & Resort in hosting exciting poker tournaments and attracting top players in the region. The prize money for the winners and runners-up is quite impressive, showing the popularity and competitiveness of the events held there.

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