Diego Ventura is the WSOP Hall of Fame Overall Champion

Diego Ventura Overcomes Huge Heads-Up Gap to Earn...

Brazil has won 4 bracelets so far in this WSOP, but it is safe to say that only a fraction of the new world champion’s bracelets are green and yellow. Peruvian Diego Ventura, who has lived in Brazil and is close to Brazilian players, was the big winner in Event #86 ($1,979 Poker Hall of Fame NLH).

The tournament honors players in the select group of the Poker Hall of Fame, which currently consists of 32 living members. Everyone who enters this tournament will receive a bonus equal to the year they were inducted into the Hall of Fame. For example, Phil Hellmuth was selected in 2007, so his prize money is $2,007.

Ventura beat out 1,417 entrants to take home the regular prize of $402,054. It was the first bracelet of his career for Peru’s biggest poker star, whose live earnings surpassed $2 million and the game was worth more than $2 million.

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Diego’s supporters at the final table included several Brazilian friends such as Laura Cintra, Lucas Fauth and the audience Register Live. He started out as the chip leader at the final table and went heads-up without any major issues. The final act of the match saw Ventura face its biggest challenge in the tiebreaker, turning the tables and beating American Thomas Kysar.

Heads-up starts with 27,300,000 in chips for Kysar and 15,250.000 for Kysar. He still managed to widen the gap and almost make it 3-1, but it was Diego’s performance that we saw. Hand after hand he built up chips and turned things around. After Thomas was short-stacked, a pre-flop all-in against K2’s A8 won the title. The fake J52J5 motherboard decides the winner.

Check out the final prize pool:

1. – Diego Ventura (Peru) – $402,054

2. Place – Thomas Kysar (USA) – $248,502

3rd Place – Jason James (Canada) – $179,593

4th Place – Francis Anderson (USA) – $131,324

5th Place – Jose Nadal (Mexico) – $97,174

6. – Louie Torres (USA) – $72,773

7. – Martin Jacobson (Sweden) – $55,165

8. – Leonid Yanovski (Israel) – $42,336

9. – Jimmy Setna (Canada) – $32,897

Diego Ventura Overcomes Huge Heads-Up Gap to Earn...

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  • This text discusses Brazil’s success in the World Series of Poker (WSOP), with the highlight being Peruvian Diego Ventura winning the Event #86 and earning his first career bracelet. The text also mentions the bonus prize structure and provides the final prize pool for the event. Overall, it provides a summary of the tournament results and highlights Diego Ventura’s victory.

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    This text discusses the recent success of Peruvian poker player Diego Ventura, who won a bracelet in Event #86 at the WSOP. The article also highlights the support he received from his Brazilian friends and provides details about the final table and prize pool.

  • This text discusses the recent victory of Peruvian poker player Diego Ventura in Event #86 of the World Series of Poker (WSOP), where he won his first bracelet and a prize of $402,054. The text also mentions that Brazil has won four bracelets in this WSOP but only a small number of them are from Brazilian players.

  • I think the text highlights the success of Peruvian poker player Diego Ventura at the WSOP event and his victory over American Thomas Kysar. It also mentions the support he received from Brazilian friends at the final table.

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