Igor Chashchin won the ME RPT Armenia Championship.

The winner of the ME RPT Armenia event is Igor Cha...

The Russian Poker Tour returns to the Armenian city of Chakazor. Festival main event winner Igor Chashchin of Russia took home $33,300. In this article, you will learn who won the tournament and how the game ended.

Repeated success

RPT’s return to Chaka Dzor after its “march” to the Armenian capital did not weaken the Attractiveness of the activity. Entry numbers for all competitions exceeded expectations and were close to 2022 figures.

The $450 Main Event saw 390 entrants, just six fewer than in October 2017, with 46 players cashing in.

Igor Chashchin from Russia won the main event for $33,300.

Only 120 players remained at the table and the blinds had been increased to 5,000 before he claimed the day’s overall win. At this point he must re-enter. Oddly, just a few days ago, Igor finished second in the Monster Event, winning $5,700.

The latest MysteryBounty competition has 192 entrants. Nikolay Rodionov won ($3,550 excluding bonus) and Stanislav Zaitsev took home the top prize of $6,400 in seventh place.

Balance Sheet Summary

Although this series not only has Russia and Armenia Contestants took part, as did those from Belarus, Ukraine, Estonia, Poland and Iran, but the majority of the contestants were Russian, ultimately influencing the makeup of the Maine finals.

Among the nine players, only one represents the host country, and the chips are only 3BB. So it’s no surprise that Vahe Amiragyan finished in 9th place.

An hour later, the average chips on the table were around 20BB, with only a few coming out. Kirill Alexandrov ($10,130) was fourth. He finished first in the high roller event of the series.

In heads-up play, he faced Alexander Shegai, who started the final with almost half the cards. The tournament chips are in the stack and have a strong chip lead in one-on-one games.

But Igor managed to deal with the chipmaker’s aggressive play and closed a few game bank wins, opening up his bluffs and hitting A4s against The final showdown of 35s resulted in a premium flush.

Who is Igor Chashchin?

We know nothing about his online career. The Russian has been competing in live tournaments since 2015. He had previously cashed only at the Minsk and Sochi series, winning a total of $17,170 before the EPT.

Chashchin’s deposit amount more than doubled during Igor’s two weeks in Tsakhkadzor.

The next edition of the Russian Poker Tour will be held in the Belarusian capital and will be the largest tournament event in the country in the past 5 years with a total guarantee of $600,000.

The winner of the ME RPT Armenia event is Igor Cha...

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  • This text discusses the Russian Poker Tour’s return to Chakazor, Armenia, where Igor Chashchin from Russia won the main event and took home $33,300. The article also highlights the success of the tournament with strong participation numbers and mentions the upcoming edition of the tour in the Belarusian capital with a $600,000 total guarantee.

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    This text provides information about the Russian Poker Tour returning to the city of Chakazor in Armenia, with Igor Chashchin winning the main event and taking home $33,300. The article also highlights the success and popularity of the tournament, with a large number of participants and upcoming events in Belarus.

  • The text provides information on the return of the Russian Poker Tour to Chakazor, Armenia, and highlights the success of Russian player Igor Chashchin who won the main event and took home $33,300. The article also mentions the participation of players from various countries, including Russia, and announces the next edition of the tour in the Belarusian capital with a guaranteed prize pool of $600,000.

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