ME WSOP Bad Beat Story

Twice King to Ace: The Story of the Creepy Villain...

The most anticipated event of the year, the WSOP Main Event, kicks off in Las Vegas. Hundreds of players gathered in the first few hours of registration. However, organizers expect more than 8,600 entrants, an all-time high.

The game will be played in a classic FreeSouth format, so the players will usually feel the start of each stage, even in the first few hours, as painful. And the just-started ME WSOP already has some toughest heads-up contenders.

This player is from Israel and was introduced as Idan The One. His tournament performance was pretty mediocre — just above the buy-in cost of the World Series main event.

In the second level on day one, The One lost to Ruben Correia in a classic confrontation: opposition. However, this is not the end of bad luck for poker players.

Not long after, The One had another pocket King. He made a standard 3-bet that folded two limpers, but Correiai 4-bet all-in. One 5-bet all-in hoping to double up and Ruben quickly called.

This is a real blow to the Israeli players. His opponent showed pocket aces again and held on, and a few hours later he was eliminated from this year’s main event.

After losing his entire stack with the same hands (his own and an opponent’s), the guy did it, and I wouldn’t hold back his feelings. He quickly left the playing field. PokerNews reporters then witnessed the poker player sitting on the floor with his hands in front of his face for an hour. His girlfriend had been nearby, possibly trying to comfort the runner after the freezing cold.

WSOP organizers may be watching the situation and calling it ‘the main loser of the Main Event’ ‘the ticket to the next Main Event. However, this situation is not common.

Twice King to Ace: The Story of the Creepy Villain...

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