Peterson Machado extends lead in KSOP ladder battle

Peterson Machado Leads Online and International in...

The coveted and prized battle for the KSOP GGPoker Ranked Champion enters the penultimate event of the KSOP GGPoker Premium, which will take place in Rio de Janeiro in early August. After hosting the online version and the first international stage, are there any players from? #1 Wonderful City Peterson Machado.

Peterson Machado, who has been leading since the beginning of the year, has started well and leads the overall standings this season. The champion will receive a cash prize of 200,000 reals and various other benefits. The overall winner of the leaderboard will also become Team Pro KSOP GGPoker and will receive a guaranteed free seat in all KSOP GGPoker main events in 2024.

Stakes so high Big, the fight will continue to be tough, even if the Brazilian’s performance hinted at something out of hand. The Rio star topped the list with 6,633.69 points. He is followed by Colombian Sebastian Fonseca, who is relentlessly fighting for the top spot. Sebastian scored 5,115.14 points.

There is another Colombian in the top five. Another big player of the season, Jorge Osuna, is third with 4,460.77 points. Bruno Porto was fourth with 4,295.91 points and André Leão rounded out the top five with 4,024.38 points. Carlos Serrano, Elvis Renan, Henrique Cruz, Marciano Vannucchi and Eric Dal Magro round out the top ten.

Foreign rankings

Colombian Sebastian is in full contention for the Fonseca standings, who has won the leading foreign rankings. The Pocarr Latina pro scored 5,115.14 points to take the lead. Colombia dominated the competition, with four members of the team finishing in the top five.

Jorge Osuna is second with 4,460.77 points, while online High Roller champion Carlos Serrano is third with 3,984.85 points. The “outsider” in the top five is Kevin Anahhas from Paraguay, the PLO5 KO champion at KSOP GGPoker in Iguazu. He has 2,556.84 points. Julian Pineda rounded out the top five with 2,478.48 points.

Omaha Ladder

Omaha Ladder has changed the most in recent games. The only post that survived was the very first one Sandro Hahn took over. He won the PLO5 Prog after a solid performance at the KSOP GGPoker International edition. KO, Sandro extended the lead to 1,973.52 points.

Second place brings something new. Nathan Aslan took over with 1,485.81 points. Gustavo Tatith “Fincão” was third with 1,425.39 points. The unstoppable Sebastian Fonseca also appears in this ranking. The Colombian was fourth with 1,110.20 points. Carlos Serrano rounded out the top 5 with 1,106.48 points.

Peterson Machado Leads Online and International in...

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  • This text appears to be discussing the upcoming KSOP GGPoker Premium event in Rio de Janeiro, highlighting the current standings and top players. It also mentions the prizes and benefits for the overall winner, as well as the performance of Colombian players in the rankings.

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    This text provides an update on the KSOP GGPoker tournament, highlighting the top players and their rankings. It mentions the hefty prize and benefits for the eventual champion, as well as the intense competition among Brazilian and Colombian players.

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    This text discusses the upcoming KSOP GGPoker Ranked Champion event in Rio de Janeiro, highlighting the current leaders and their rankings. It also mentions the prizes and benefits for the champion, as well as the performance of Colombian players in the competition.

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