Rebirth of the Venturi Effect: “I’ve always wanted to open this door so others can be inspired.”

Rebirth of the Venturi Effect:

In an epic finale to the WSOP 2023, Diego Ventura fulfilled a dream he had long before becoming a professional poker player: he won the World Series of Poker and took his first Bracelets to take home.

Diego Ventura smiles with his first bracelet.

The talented Peruvian and GGPoker ambassador shines in this spectacular Event #86 $1,979 Poker Hall of Fame Bounty No-Limit Hold’em, a A tournament honoring the Poker Hall of Fame. In this unique competition, each member of this select club receives a bounty representing their value for joining the honor group.

“I guess I’ve always wanted to open this door for other people. Peruvians are inspired and want everyone to feel worthy of great things in life.”

But realizing this One goal is not an easy path: “Sometimes I doubt myself because how is it possible? I’ve been playing for so long and haven’t won many live matches,” said the champion. But then I felt like God’s timing was perfect timing.

Diego was very excited when he entered the final table, but he did not forget the goal: “Actually, I was very excited before this, and when I reached the final table, I wanted to cry. I thought: wait, now is not the time, so I tried to calm myself down. When that moment came, I was so calm that I couldn’t release my feelings until I started thinking about my life and at that moment I became emotional. “

Here is our full interview with the champion:

This victory not only marks a milestone in Ventura’s career, but also a source of pride in Latin American poker, allowing it to grow and become a regional poker reference, a phenomenon we call the “Ventura Effect”.

Birth of the Ventura Effect

The game was born on the occasion of the 2015 PCA final table, when a crowd gathered in a bar in his home country to cheer on their compatriots in pure football team style.

At that time was at this time, we reported this way:

“The sports division of American TV, one of the most important media companies in the United States, after a few hours , Peru arrived on the scene to report what happened. She excitedly took a few photos of the boys and also conducted several interviews with our boys.” On the show Jorge Solari, a well-known journalist Conducted interviews in which I stood behind a cameraman and followed the conversation closely, every question Solari asked you could sense his confusion over what he saw: a group of young people and adults strangely enjoying a poker tournament, A 25-year-old with a successful career in a game called poker, the Peruvian has faced hundreds of players sitting in his seat. Now, journalists get more surprises in the newsroom: Poker is a mind sport, Brazil already has a poker federation, Ronaldo finished 26th in the same event, and he’s at the Ballon d’Or Not just because he’s in the Golden Globes, but Peru has become the 2012 World Champion of Poker.

This is the vibe we experienced at this Peruvian bar. If you want to read the full story of the experience, click here.

In 2003, Chris Moneymaker marked a back and forth in the poker world. Perhaps in the next few months we will witness a similar phenomenon in our country. We already have the first clues: a) Jorge Solari’s reporting for América Deportes was on the main page of last night’s news show. While some information that the poker community deemed relevant was omitted, the report was news and a sign of openness. Also, as I write this, I’m rushing into the living room at home because another major media outlet, Pan Am TV, has just reported Diego’s victory and listed poker as a “mind sport”; b) press and radio Radio also took note of the achievements of our fellow citizens. The Industria Trujillo and the RPP (Radio Peruvian Radio) website have given explicit praise to Ventura for his performance; c) In poker forums, the curiosity of new users about the game is always present, two of which I will quote Articles: “Can someone tell me how to start playing poker?”, “How do I play real money tournaments?” “Please let me know, I’m new” and d) You told me that the Peruvian Poker Association’s Facebook page has over 200 applications are awaiting acceptance.

We experienced this on the spot:

Then there is the Ventura Effect over time, it was born and spread to our time, hundreds of people from our continent Players are motivated by the exploits of the Peruvian, who doesn’t hesitate to share his knowledge with the entire community.

  • Who is Diego Ventura?

This answer is best explained by the impeccable work of our colleague Pamela Pamsi Balzano who draws my life / strong > And told the story of the Peruvians.

  • Ventura’s Legacy

Ventura has already made his name in Latin American poker history, but he is continuing to build his legacy for a new generation by creating engaging content through his social networks, In it he emphasizes the importance of emotional intelligence or the mind game and its vital component in advancing in one’s career.

  • Ventura’s Historic Victory

Event #86 US$1,979 Poker Hall of Fame Prize No Limit Hold’em

Buy-in: $1,979 Field: 1,417 Pot: $2,495,776

Final Table

1° Diego Ventura – $402,0542. Thomas Kaiser – $248,5023. Jason James – $179,5934. Francis Anderson – $131,324 5° Jose Nadal – $97,1746° Louis Torres – $72,7737° Martin Jacobsen – $55,1658° Leonid Yanovsky – $42,3369. Jimmy Setner – $32,897

More ITM Latino

26. Francis Cruz – $13,62841. Adnan Yahya – $9,49352. Guert Fortuna – $8,08678. Jefferson Guerrero – $5,43494. Mathias Gabrenja – $4,479102. Carlos Lam Wu – $4,158119° Francisco Pinho Correa – $3,918120° Luis Yepes – $3,918173° Jose Ruiz – $3,429194° Martin Pineiro – $3,135

Rebirth of the Venturi Effect:

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