Tauan Naves Fuzz FT None $525 Bounty Hunters HR Deep Stack

Tauan Naves Fuzz FT None $525 Bounty Hunters HR De...

On Monday the 4th, ace Tauan Naves bowed out of the WSOP Online $525 Bounty Hunters HR Deepstack Championship in fourth place. His balance increased by a total of $21,819.

In the $54 Bounty Hunter Daily Deepstack competition, “theMaus” took home the bronze medal and $12,862 in prize money. There were 6,039 participants in the championship.

32.10 Bounty King JR featuring Brazilian doubles. “jogadooor” defeated his compatriot Joseph “Vesenick9” Vesenick in a heads-up match for $9,877. The runner-up received $6,433.

Meanwhile, João Belotti rounded out the podium in the $444 Forty Stack Bounty HR. He earned $8,683 after defeating 141 opponents.

Also, João Simão finished fourth out of 25 entrants in the site’s $2,100 PLO High Roller, a performance that earned him $7,094. View other results:

TournamentPlayerPositionPrizeWSOP Online: $77 LUCKY SEVENS Turbo 7-Handed “Failure33object” 2nd place $6,701 WSOP Online: $44 Forty Heap “Levistraus” 2nd place $6,457 WSOP High Roller: $525 Day Saver HR Hyper Turbo “Akariee” 4. $6,009 GGMasters Bounty $25 “trb1989” 1. $5,439 WSOP Online: $250 Main Event “Ops zikei” 7. $5,162 WSOP Online: $55 Fifty Stacks “doyourbest” 3. $5,036

Tauan Naves Fuzz FT None $525 Bounty Hunters HR De...

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