Weinman becomes 2023 WSOP Main Event Champion

Weinman becomes 2023 WSOP Main Event Champion

WSOP 2023 The Main Event is over and Daniel Weinman has the best finish. The Atlanta-born, 35-year-old pro defined the three-hand event in less than two hours, becoming champion and winning gold and diamond bracelets and a record $12,100,000 prize money. Steven Jones, the $6,500,000 heads-up runner-up.

From now on, Weinman’s name will be etched in poker’s Eden alongside the greatest legends, but with A bonus: He just won the biggest Main Event in history, registered 10,043 entries and formed a $93,399,900 pot shared among the top 1,507 players.

After eight days of play and a final table day, the final event was defined with difficulty as the shortest of the three finishers so far Adam Walton started with 86 big blinds.

In the second level of the game, however, Walton took the remaining chips in the middle with a pair of eights and . The champion caught him with an Ace. He finished third for $4,000,000.

Just like that, Heads-up match with Weinman nearly 3-1 at the start of the game in Las Vegas. In any case, both opponents have good remaining blinds, which allows them to play more. Still, the heads-up match, much like the 2022 event, made history in less than an hour.

Jones attacks from behind, looking for points of attack until he thinks his time has come. He opened from the small blind with J 8 for 7,000,000 and Weinman called from the big blind with J -kc.

He flopped J 5 2 , Jones c-bet 6,000,000 and Weinman raised to 18,500,000. Jones thought about it and called.

The turn came the 4, Weinman bet 38,000,000 and Jones thought long and hard before shoving all-in for his remaining 146,000,000. Daniel paid almost immediately.

The river was the ace, and Weinman let out a triumphant cry and leaped onto the railing, completely terrified at the moment: he had just been crowned the new world champion. most important milestone.

Weinman becomes 2023 WSOP Main Event Champion

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