WSOP: Yuri Martins and Alan Melo finish fifth and ninth in shootout

Yuri Martins and Allan Mello Eliminated in 5th and...

The final table of the WSOP Brazil Doubles on Saturday (15th) did not end the way fans had hoped. Yuri Martins and Allan Mello were eliminated in fifth and ninth respectively, missing their goal of winning the Event #85 Bracelet ($1,500 Penalty Shootout).

Yuri was awarded $63,295 for entering the competition. Allen was awarded $23,689 for his performance. Penalty shootouts are played in three different stages. The system is like a knockout game. The winner of each table qualifies for the next table and earns a spot at the 10-handed final table with two wins. There were 987 participants in the field.

Due to the format of the tournament, all players start with very tight stacks (around 2,500,000 chips). In the first level, Allan Mello came out on top, almost reaching the 5,000,000 mark after a beautiful bluff against Ukraine’s Olga Iermolcheva. The first knockout over four levels was knocked out by American Edward Mroczkowski.

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Allan had all the chips, but the gaucho had only played three hands before the game suddenly collapsed. The first was called by Frenchman Matteo Cavelier after five bets before the flop. On the flop, Allan c-bet 10% of the pot and saw his opponent go all-in and bust. Soon after, he was hit by a poor 77-for-44 by Adam Friedmann. In the final hand with 12BBs, he raised all-in with AT on the button after a cut-off raise and was called by JJ. The board didn’t bring what Sheik needed.

Shortly after Allan was eliminated, Yuri Martins lost to AQ in a crucial 99 coin toss, leaving just six big blinds. After the flop, the Parana native was down to 2.5 blinds, but was on track to take back more than 20 blinds. “theNERDguy” tripled his power with AA and then doubled it with KK in a mindless war with Olga.

Yuri experienced three eliminations, which led to his salary increase before being eliminated. He had around 10BBs on the cutoff and had QT, which Michael Finstein called on the button. With no one else interested, the Brazilian’s last board in the game was the K4958.

Allan Mello

Yuri Martins and Allan Mello Eliminated in 5th and...

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